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The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence Costing Templates

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) produce implementation aids to their guidance documents, these aids include Costing Templates. These templates estimate the financial cost and the health benefits of implementing the guidance and can be found on the NICE website in the ‘implementing this guidance’ section of each guideline. The Costing Templates should always be considered alongside the NICE guidance, as in order to interpret the summaries generated by the templates, an in depth knowledge of the guidance is required. They estimate for fully implementing the NICE guidance:

  • The cost of treating people identified as a result of NICE guidance
  • In some cases the impact in terms of health events avoided.

The templates use findings from research or when these are not available expert opinion to make assumptions about the epidemiology of disease and the impact of treatment. Assumptions about current practice and implications of changing this to reflect the NICE guidance are also factored into the costings which are based on national tariffs or drug costs (correct at the time of publication).

'The East Midlands Directors of Public Health (DsPH) group requested that a regional group should be formed to look at the potential uses of these templates. This group consisted of Dr Nick Payne (Public Health Consultant, Derbyshire County PCT), Dr Robert Wilson (Public Health Consultant, Lincolnshire Teaching PCT), Paul Fryers (Deputy Director, EMPHO) and James Hollinshead (Public Health Analyst, EMPHO).The findings of this group can be found in this document .

There are three further outputs from this work which are linked below:

  • As some of the Costing Templates relate to guidance which is several years old one of the aims of this work is to ascertain whether the Costing Templates can be updated to reflect changes in health geographies and costs. This guidance document will explain how to make these updates.

A summary of this work can be found on the NICE Shared Learning Database.

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